Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers

The Project “Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers”, prepared by the Culture Department of the Łódź City Office, in connection with the promotion of the brand “Łódź Filmowa” (Łódź Film), was found eligible for funding under the Regional Operational Programme of Łódzkie Province (as part of competition RPLD.03.02.00-20/13, as part of Priority Axis 3: Economy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Measure 3.2: Improving the Innovativeness and Competitiveness of Enterprises) and it was implemented in the years 2013-2015. The project’s total value was PLN 970,000 (85% of all resources came from EU funds).
Project objectives – to increase the number of projects completed in Łódzkie Province; to develop the film industry by expanding the region’s offering with new locations, and by standardization and professionalization of the servicing of film crews in the entire region; to ensure broad and international promotion of the "Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers" project.
The project allowed the expansion of the operations of the Łódź Film Commission and ensured closer cooperation with municipalities from the whole of Łódzkie Province. A network of contacts was established in the region and the database of shooting locations was extended with new facilities from various towns and districts. A series of training courses for representatives of municipalities cooperating with Łódź was held to ensure that film crews are serviced in accordance with uniform standards. The "Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers" project also covered the preparation of promotional materials for producers, promotional activities during film festivals, preparation of so-called “location tours” for industry representatives, and a series of free-of-charge film screenings – co-financed under the Łódzki Fundusz Filmowy (Łódz Film Fund) – in selected cinemas in Łódzkie Province.
The project has been formally conluded in 2015 but many actions are still being held by Łódź Film Commission.


Projects executed within Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers Project

Among many actions we have performed in "Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers" there were also free-of-charge screenings of films co-funded by Łódź Film Fund in Łódź region. The viewers were able to see Academy Award For Best Foreign Film - "Ida" by Paweł Pawlikowski, "My Father's Bike" by Piotr Trzaskalski and animations such as "Moonshine" by Michał Poniedzielski.

We have also organised series of courses for local government representatives to ensure top-quality service of all filmmakers that decide to shoot their audiovisual projects in our region.


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Documents to download

Łódzkie Pro Filmmakes
Visual Identity
Filmmakers' Guide


Project Partners

97-400 Bełchatów
Kościuszki 1
David Papuga (d.papuga@um.belchatow.pl)
tel: +48 44 733 51 63
Biała Rawska
96-230 Biała Rawska
Jana Pawła II 57
Łukasz Chojecki (generatorkultury@gmail.com)
tel: 607 488 833
95-060 Brzeziny
Sienkiewicza 10/12
Anna Jóźwik (serwisbrzezin@brzeziny.pl)
tel: + 48 46 874 31 31
97-215 Inowłódz
Spalska 2
Mirona Werkowska (zamek.pit@interia.pl)
tel: +48 44 726-01-34
95-040 Koluszki
11 Listopada 65
Agnieszka Karbownik (promocja@koluszki.pl)
tel: +48 (44) 725 67 09
Konstantynów Łódzki
95-050 Konstantynów Łódzki
Zgierska 2
Kacper Denko, sekretariat@konstantynow.pl
tel: +48 (42) 211 60 02, +48 (42) 211 19 03
99-100, 99-100, Łęczyca.
PL. Tadeusza Kościuszki 1
Stanisław Pisarkiewicz (promocja@leczyca.pl)
tel: +48 606 783 089
99-400 Łowicz
Stary Rynek 1
Jacek Rybus (jacek.rybus@um.lowicz.pl)
tel: +48 693 036 111
95-200 Pabianice
Zamkowa 16
Joanna Stelmach (jstelm@um.pabianice.pl)
tel: +48 (42) 225 46 81
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Łódź and region

The Łódzkie Region is located in central Poland. Extensive plains which in the south of the region change into hilly upland areas are the characteristic feature of the land in this part of the country. Such topography makes the landscape dominated by agricultural areas, partly crossed by forests (including nature reserves or landscape parks). Despite dominant agricultural profile of the region, more than 64% of 2.5 million residents of the region live in towns of which the capital of the region - Łódź is the largest (currently approx. 700 000 citizens). It originated as a modern centre as a result of dynamic development of industry in the 19th century. Other significant cities of the region: Piotrków Trybunalski, Pabianice, Sieradz and Bełchatów.
In the Łódzkie Region there are three large rivers: Warta, Pilica and Bzura. Their basins are one of the most valuable in terms of landscape nooks of the region. Among other values of the Łódzkie Region it is worth mentioning numerous remnants of properties of the nobility and unique wooden architecture as well as heritage of the development of the 19th- and 20th-century industry. An open-cast mine of brown coal in the vicinity of Bełchatów is a unique structure.
The Łódzkie Region is characterised by excellent accessibility. In the neighbourhood of Łódź two most important roads in Poland intersect: A1 motorway (partly under construction) running towards north and south as well as A2 motorway which runs from east to west. Thanks to the latter travel to the capital of the country, Warszawa, takes approx. 1.5 hour and to Berlin less than 5 hours. Not much longer it takes to get to Warszawa by train. In addition, Łódź has an airport named after Władysław Reymont which offers connections to large hubs in Munich and Amsterdam as well as direct flights e.g. to Dublin, London (Stansted) and Oslo (Rygge). Currently infrastructural investments are pending. Their result is to be even better communication of the region with the rest of the country and Europe.